Lighting Towers

Lighting Towers

We supply portable lighting towers to various industry sectors including: construction sites, roadworks, motorway maintenance, sea ports, airports, emergency services, events & festivals & remote areas.

Lighting Tower

VT-1 Superlight 9m Lighting Tower

The VT-1 is very quiet and ideally suited for use at outdoor events, yet burly enough to stand up to the harshness of modern construction sites. The transportation of the VT-1 is cost effective – its unique design means that a transport firm can deliver up to ten sets on one standard 12m vehicle.

Lighting Tower

VT-1 Eco Lighting Tower

The principal feature of the VT-1+Eco is an advanced light detection sensor and auto stop/start mechanism that automatically switches on the unit when the ambient light has descended to a predetermined level. In reverse, the sensor will close down the lighting set when sufficient brightness rises.

Lighting Tower

VB-9 Eco Lighting Tower

The VB9 features a 9-metre vertical, hydraulic mast, delivering an impressive average 20 Lux coverage over 3600 sq.m.

Lighting Tower

VT-2 Lighting Tower

The VT-2 is a very compact, versatile lighting tower, featuring a 7m vertical, manually operated mast coupled to a useful 6.0kVA super-silenced diesel generator. It is fitted with four 400-watt metal halide lamps, with secure and adjustable height stabilisers - all tested in wind speeds of 80km/h.

Lighting Tower

Link Tower

The LinkTower is an individual lighting system that has little competition.

Temporary Portable Buildings & Accommodation



We sell new and refurbished portable buildings. This type of system and refurbishment is a highly sustainable approach to construction that ensures a cost effective and high specification building. Pre-owned units generate less carbon emissions.



We want to buy portable buildings from you. If you have any portable buildings that you wish to dispose of quickly and efficiently then please contact us. We will arrange a site visit and give you a price to either purchase it from you or remove it from site.



If you do not want to invest in a portable building or cabin but need a building to use on a temporary basis, then the hire of portable buildings is the ideal solution. We offer customers throughout the UK, the option to hire portable buildings and cabins, to suit their needs.



Vinco sales Ltd recycle portable accommodation units, accommodation buildings, storage units, shipping containers and modular buildings. This is a cost effective and environmentally responsible approach to supplying portable accommodation.