VT-2 Lighting Tower

VT-2 Lighting Tower

72% Reduction in Fuel Costs, Saving Over £127 per week

The VT-2 Lighting Tower is a very compact, versatile mobile lighting tower, featuring a 7m vertical, manually operated mast coupled to a useful 6.0kVA super-silenced diesel generator. It is fitted with four 400-watt metal halide lamps, with secure and adjustable height stabilisers - all tested in wind speeds of 80km/h.

The VT-2 mobile lighting tower is ideally suited for rental firms considering entering into the lucrative metal halide market, but may be discouraged, principally because of the perception that many current lighting models are large and cumbersome, requiring specialist transport and significant storage areas.

The VT-2 Lighting Tower is the correct lighting set for small and medium sized construction projects and outside events. It is also ideal for providing proper illumination in some civil protection situations.

Suitable for these sectors:

  • Events
  • Shows
  • Road Works
  • Construction Sites
  • Rental


40% Less Space

All lighting towers manufactured are made with telescopic sections installed vertically. This makes the finished product very compact, it takes up 40% less space compared to traditional towers with a pole positioned horizontally. This means maximising the journeys made by our customers' vehicles that every day carry lighting towers and reduces pollution generated by exhaust gases.

Automatic Power Off

The engines fitted on our lighting towers, made by the world's top manufacturers, are in line with the latest emission standards. Vinco is able to equip all its site tower lights with a built-in generator featuring a special twilight kit. This kit allows to automatically switch the tower lights on and off and this ensures the tower is used only when strictly necessary to prevent unnecessary waste of fuel.

Renewable Energies

The tower light range includes lighting models with high-efficiency lamps and low energy consumption levels, which allows to maximise fuel consumption using small diesel engines. These versions allow to reduce fuel consumption levels by 75% compared with traditional tower lighting.


  • A fully bunded fuel tank
  • The fuel tank can be fitted with a unique fuel float system which ensures that only clean fuel is used resulting in fewer site breakdowns and less service engineers on the road
  • Enhanced soundproofing and noise reduction helping to lower residual site noise pollution
  • Maximum height 7meters
  • Low fuel shutdown
  • Useable by a single operator
  • 6kva Yanmar Silent diesel generator
  • 31 Litre Fuel Tank

  • Model: VT-2 7m MH
  • Floodlights: 4X400W metal halide
  • Close Dimension: 1300 x 1000 x 2260mm
  • Open Dimension: 2280 x 1440 x 7000mm
  • Weight: 385 Kg

Tower Lighting for the Construction Industry

Tower Lighting for the Construction Industry

Tower lighting can be used in many different industry sectors, the most obvious is the construction industry. Our tower lighting come with tilted heads to provide localising light in one specific area, or illumination around the tower in all directions. Adequate lighting is required by law when conducting outside work, and a mobile tower lighting unit is the ideal equipment to provide adjustable lighting.

Tower Lighting for Events & Festivals

Lighting Towers for Events & Festivals

In the summer during festival season one of the key parts of the event is going to be the lighting. Events companies will find our mobile lighting towers particularly useful for setting up outdoor areas, marquees and other venues quickly overnight, which is often the only way to meet an event schedule.

Hire or Permanent Mobile Lighting

Hire or Permanent Mobile Lighting

Mobile lighting can be used in a variety of ways and is both cost effective and easily transportable. Our mobile lighting towers can be hired for a project or permanently installed around a building or site to provide security or flood lights for any open air event or site. We have a mobile lighting solution, allowing you to work or play until late at night or early morning.

Light Towers for Roadworks & Motorway Maintenance

Light Towers for Roadworks & Motorway Maintenance

Our light towers is a great way to provide powerful and portable lighting, which can be used for many different applications within a wide variety of industries. This type of lighting is very commonly seen in use at roadsides and on motorways when maintenance work is necessary, light towers can be moved easily wherever it is needed. Night work can be difficult and dangerous if visibility is poor, so having a good supply of powerful and consistent lighting is essential to ensure that site health and safety standards are met.

Temporary Portable Buildings & Accommodation


We sell new and refurbished portable buildings. This type of system and refurbishment is a highly sustainable approach to construction that ensures a cost effective and high specification building. Pre-owned units generate less carbon emissions.


We want to buy portable buildings from you. If you have any portable buildings that you wish to dispose of quickly and efficiently then please contact us. We will arrange a site visit and give you a price to either purchase it from you or remove it from site.


If you do not want to invest in a portable building or cabin but need a building to use on a temporary basis, then the hire of portable buildings is the ideal solution. We offer customers throughout the UK, the option to hire portable buildings and cabins, to suit their needs.


Vinco sales Ltd recycle portable accommodation units, accommodation buildings, storage units, shipping containers and modular buildings. This is a cost effective and environmentally responsible approach to supplying portable accommodation.